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Embark on a journey with

Mana Earthly Paradise to discover some of Asia's most sustainable hotels and discover the stories of the people who created these

earthly paradises.


Travel Photographer

The business case for sustainability
has never been stronger

According to a sustainable travel report by, 61% of travelers want to travel more sustainably in the post-pandemic world.  And a whopping 49% still believe that there aren’t enough sustainable travel options available.  


Which businesses will be able to meet this anticipated demand for sustainable tourism in the post-covid world?  Next generational hotels that have been improving their operations and practices for years, we believe.  

Enjoying the Nature

What are we trying to achieve? 

The embodiment of regenerative and inclusive tourism 

Which properties in Asia are the embodiment of sustainability, representing the region’s next generation hotels?


This is a simple, common question asked by conscious travelers in the region when they want to see beyond fancy hotel websites and advertisements. 

However, the answer is not always straightforward. It depends. There are many dimensions: circular operation, biodiversity conservation, cultural sensitivity, community empowerment, etc.

Thus, the birth of “Asia’s Next Gen Hotels” - a video series that aims to shed light on sustainability pioneers in the hospitality industry that are creating the future of tourism. 

Why is a hotel promoting another hotel?

Now you may wonder why a eco hotel is promoting other eco hotels in the region?

Well, here at Mana Earthly we exists to build a business case that tourism can be a part of the solution, and not the problem. Mana is just one of many examples, that have built the property based on ecological practices and innovative technologies. At Mana, we concretely address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its three core facilities: eco villas, an organic restaurant, and a conscious store. 

In addition, we also believe that we can't change the future of tourism on our own. So with the launch of Asia's Next Gen Hotels, we hope that by highlighting other properties in the region we can help make regenerative and inclusive tourism the NEW NORMAL. 

The series is produced by Mana Earthly Paradise, an eco-hotel run by Earth Company, in collaboration with many value-aligned partners. 

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Meet our COLLECTIVE IMPACT partners

We understand that this cannot be achieved by working in silos, but we understand the power of working together to open the door for sustainable tourism.


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